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Sharing our journey of personal growth, human connection, and relationship

to the earth.

100 city dwellers use a scalable Community Agriculture model, that combines farm and city living to create a sustainable future.


We are part of a community that emerged from the transformational dance scene in Vancouver. There is no formal structure; however, we are bonded by core values, such as artistic expression, co-creation, and environmental stewardship.

Our connections evolve based on a kinship tree of family and friends inviting family and friends. We have families and collective houses as cultural hubs in the city, and we create intentional gatherings to deepen our connection with self, community, and nature. 


Abundance Community Farm was born out of a need for our community to have land for growing food and creating intentional gatherings.



To experience a diverse and multi-generational community that is rooted in our connection with the land and enriches our city lifestyle.

Creating a community culture around creative expression, meaningful connection, and sustainable food production.

We each take full responsibility for our health, healing and growth and strive to share our biggest gifts, deepest purpose, and greatest aliveness.

Our Why - Values

having access to a farm to gather on weekends with loved ones,

grow food together, share meals,

make art

and dance!


imagine our model


"Community Agriculture"

Applications are now closed for our 2023 CA Program


Our Community Agriculture (CA) members come to the farm a minimum of one weekend a month throughout the growing and harvesting season. We spend time working in the garden, planting and harvesting food. We also share meals, tell stories around the fire, play music and dance in the barn. The families who come to the farm each weekend take produce back to the city for themselves and the other members.

We believe this is a replicable model that allows city dwellers to use nearby land to grow food and build community. You can learn more about our CA model here.

We have also planted a food forest as part of our CA initiative. A food forest is an ecosystem of fruit and nut trees and shrubs that work in synergy and require minimum input and maintenance. Our food forest includes ~150 fruit and nut tress, as well as berries, vines and other perennials. These trees, once mature, will provide our community with much greater abundance!

Community Agriculture Model
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